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When is the Best Time to Start Marketing on Social Media as a Classical Musician?

Ok, I don’t want you to stop reading, but I respect your time too much.

The answer is “now.”

If I still have your attention, let me tell you why:

Classical music is going to be the last thing that returns to normal after the pandemic is over. Our audiences have always been the oldest, and now, most vulnerable. We will have to sit on our hands while the vaccines are administered to enough of the general population. That is, if we can get through the mess of disinformation and conspiracies about the virus and vaccines fast enough.

Sure, some musicians are lucky to have positions in orchestras, universities, or other companies that will pay them through the pandemic. Most of us are not that lucky.

Now is the time to start building a platform that you will always be able to lean on and draw from. This platform will serve as your calling card to connect with people all over the world.

· What if it was as easy as putting up a post saying, “Hey, I have room for 2 more weekly students,” and you were able to fill spots in your teaching studio within 48 hours?

· What would it mean to you if you could create a lasting legacy of valuable resources that could help hundreds of students?

· What if you could easily share your creativity and performances with an audience of thousands?

· How would you feel about companies in your niche recognizing you and generously offering to sponsor you and help you out with free product or promotion?

These are all possible. I know because these are all things that have happened to me.

I bet that musicians who built an extensive social media platform before the pandemic are having the last laugh. But it’s not too late to build your own platform using the resources available to us on social media.

With canceled gigs and closed concert halls, it makes sense that you are eager to create art, connect, and feel a sense of normalcy.

I’m going to encourage you today to start posting. Open your Instagram app and post something. Maybe a video of you practicing your instrument. If you’re a composer or arranger, maybe a realization of a recently finished score. Or a picture of that double bar line you’re proud of, or a snapshot of what you’re stuck on and haven’t finished yet.

Write a caption about your process. Tell us a story. Invite the world to see what you’re doing.

I promise you people want to see it.

If you want to learn more about social media marketing for classical musicians, please consider joining my mailing list. You’ll receive helpful tools, tips and my thoughts about how you can make social media work for you and your future.

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