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mystery cane
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mystery cane is premium-quality 

double reed merchandise

Founded in 2020 in Toronto, ON with a commitment to stylish, durable, and comfortable double reed themed clothing and accessories. 

Click here to learn about current fulfillment and shipping times.

Click here for frequently asked questions.



What is mystery cane?

Cane is what reeds are made of. Cane is a symbol of resiliency, durability, flexibility and strength.

Mystery cane is that cane that you find, unlabeled, and decide to gamble on!

Where are you located?

We are based in Toronto, with multiple shipping warehouses located throughout the United States and Europe.

When did you launch?
June 2020.

But, I don't make reeds.
mystery cane is for everyone! Single reeds, double reeds, or just people with great taste!

How long does it take to receive an order?
Our up to date shipping times can be found below.

What's your return policy?
Our items fit as expected, with a size chart on each product. All of our items are packaged by hand in the United States/Europe and are run through a thorough quality control process. In the rare and unlikely event an item is damaged, we will offer a return.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

I still have a question.

Please feel free to e-mail info [at] mysterycane [dot] com. Checking in on an order? Please see our updated shipping times below before writing Customer Support so we can best serve all of our customers.



Here is a handy guide to provide clear and direct information regarding current fulfillment and shipping times.

mystery cane works with a fulfillment partner to ship all orders. Fulfillment and shipping may take a while due to the custom nature of our products but your order will reach you.

Warehouse & Fulfillment Times

Our fulfillment partner has warehouses in the United States, Europe and Mexico. For most orders, your location will determine where your is shipped from. For example, a shirt shipped to New York will ship from a US warehouse and a shirt shipped to London will ship from the Europe warehouse, etc. All other products have varying shipping speeds.

The Europe based warehouse fulfillment time ranges from 2-7 business days.
The United States based warehouses fulfillment times ranges from 2-12 business days.
The Mexico based warehouse fulfillment time ranges from 2-12 business days.

Shipping Times

Once an order is fulfilled by the warehouse, it will be shipped with a carrier.


Orders to the United States and Canada are generally seeing normal shipping times. Orders to other locations are seeing shipping delays of up to 7 business days.

When To Contact Us

We respectfully ask to contact us only if your item does not arrive within the above timelines. 

We cannot issue refunds or free reshipments if your product does not arrive sooner than the timelines noted above. If your product does not arrive (lost in transit, etc) we will issue a free reshipment or offer a refund. We will never leave you without the item you purchased.

Your support means a lot to us, especially during this time. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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